Les grands Hommes

Summary : The Clermont-Ferrand Diderot Sports Hall gathers many wrestlers from multicultural backgrounds. Old trainers are teaching kids and teenagers how to acheive their own dreams and embrace the future.

"Les Grands Hommes" (Anne-Charlotte Sinet-Pasquier / Productions AMC2 / 2015) 


Summary : A young woman is wandering in the streets of Paris. She's asking herself questions about the time we live in.

"Kidult" (Jc Cader / Productions Nous Sommes Demain / 2014)


Summary : Garance is a young and pretty woman from Paris. After receiving an invitation from a friend, she's getting ready to go to the party.

"Garance" (Jean Christophe Hadamar / Production Les Films De Vaugirard / 2014)